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Family Enterprise Services

Families and individuals who have created or inherited substantial wealth face significant challenges. One such challenge is managing the impact of wealth upon current and future generations. The best prepared have worked toward controlling risk and anticipating the unanticipated. FTI Consulting Family Enterprise Services (“FES”) exists for the very purpose of supporting our clients in an effort to better protect, preserve and enhance their wealth.

Our Mission

The FES group is becoming the foremost consulting firm for family offices and their business interests. The hallmark of the firm is the caliber of our advisors. Our professionals specialize in business management, accounting, research, law, tax and economics. We are dedicated to bringing best-in-class solutions to solve the complex issues families face today.

What We Do

FES offers a suite of services that supports the organization, oversight and evolution of a family’s personal and business interests. What distinguishes FTI Consulting from other firms is the depth and breadth of our experience, which allows us to better understand and serve clients, eventually capturing enterprise value.

We understand that every client has unique financial objectives. Accordingly, we tailor our strategies to meet those specific needs and interests. Our comprehensive approach and understanding of the relationships among various disciplines help us to develop strategies that enhance wealth and ultimately achieve your financial goals.

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