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Leading with our industry expertise and deep deal experience, we advise both corporate and financial clients across the deal life cycle to strategize, structure, diligence, integrate, value and communicate around a transaction. Being a pure play consulting firm, we are free from audit-based conflicts and restrictions, and are able to provide a 360 degree lens across all facets of the business impacted by a transaction. From quality of earnings and pre-deal assessment, synergy evaluation and operating efficiency identification, to post-deal integration, carve out and transformation work, we scale our teams up or down depending on the level of support our clients require—whether it’s full-merger integration across multiple workstreams or providing a pinpointed task force to focus on one discrete area.

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Key Contacts

Scott Bingham

Senior Managing Director, Leader of U.S. Transactions

Carlyn R. Taylor

Global Co-Leader of Corporate Finance & Restructuring, FTI Industry Initiative Leader